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Islamitische Gedichten
Op deze pagina vind je een aantal mooie islamitische gedichten. Sommige islamitische gedichten bevatten ook een bepaalde boodschap. Maak hieronder uit de lijst een keuze om betreffende islamitische gedicht te lezen.

Een zuiver hart
Geduld is..
Allah is mijn heer
Aan de ongesluierde vrouw
Moge Allah jou belonen.......
Believe in Allah
Ya Allah!
Mijn Hijaab
Wees een moslim
Islam verlicht ons leven
Ken jij mij?
Je zus in Islam
Dwalende jongen nu het nog kan
Kom terug tot het geloof
Doenya (werelds leven)
Wat is het rechte pad?
Zoek je een antwoord
Het leven is een kooi
Aardse leven
Wie van ons...??
De Islam
Ya Rabbie
Hoogste aanzien
Islam is als...
Tel de zegeningen van Allah (s.w.t.)

Believe in Allah
Naar inhoudsopgave
I thank Allah swt he opened up my eyes 4 me
He showed me this life isn't 4 eternity
It's just a test 2 see if we believe
2 see on which side we are on
the side of Allah swt or the side of shaytaan

Allah swt is our creator
He made us as woman and man
of different races
all with different faces
each person is one of a kind
He does things no one else can
So tell me, why are we so blind?

A lot af us choose this life
above the eternal life
That's something I don't understand
You see, everything goes the way Allah has planned

So there's no way we can escape from death
We will die
and meet with our eternal faith
then we will believe
but then it will be 2 late
People who broke the rules of Allah will beg
4 another chance
but there will be no way back

What do you think about that?
So peeps, please follow the right path
not the one that leads 2 misery
Because on judjmentday
our bad manners won't safe us
and neither will do our money

Be good 2 your parents
and your family
give people in need a hand
because Islam is all about charity

Give salaam 2 your sisters and brothers
and not just 2 the ones you know
be also kind 2 others

Allah swt will reward you
and will forgive your missteps
just remember that

Pray 5 times a day
Go and visit the mosque
instead of another party
Come on, it's not that hard
and remember for everything you suffer
in this life you'll get a reward

This life is just for now
but the life after this will be forever
It will never end, no never

So please listen to me
and choose the path that's right
Allah swt will guide you with his light
He'll make things easier for you
You can't imagine
what a little bit of faith can do

Allah swt sees evertything we do
and say and everything what's on our minds

And He is the supremely merciful,
the most kind

Don't forget that
it will help you keep following the right path

Allah swt will forgive anyone who says:
Astaghfiroellahal Aziem, alladzie la ilaha illa Hoewal Hajjoel Qajjoemoe wa atoeboe ilaih
Geschreven door: Hanane Geplaatst: 2004-06-12

naar Inhoudsopgave
Naar inhoudsopgave

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